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Gorkha Sanchar Sahakari Sanstha Ltd


British Gurkha Media Network and Gorkha Sanchar Sahakari

The British Gorkha Media Network has been established with a view to promote economic prosperity of Nepal through mobilizing of Gurkha community by spreading information through mass media. Apart from this, it aims to set up Research Center, Business Association and Counseling Centre which ultimately advocates the interest of people from all walks of life.
This network will connect various organizations of Gurkha Community establish in Nepal and abroad to work together so as to build prosperous Nepal.

The network which has been established with the participation of the community and other different organizations from its conception. In the era of information technology, the importance of mass media can not be undermined. Hence, Gorkha FM 93 Mhz aims to be a instrumental in spreading awareness and bringing various ethnic communities closer and bringing British Gurkha Community closer to their roots.

To achieve above mentioned objectives, initiation of some individuals or gorkhas is not sufficient. Acknowledging the fact we decided that to start  Gorkha cooperative campaign through establishing Gorkha Sanchar Sahakari Sanstha Ltd. Now Gorkha Sanchar Sahakari is with us, our request to all Gurkhas is, come up and joint hands together for campaign of identity to make the country prosperous utilize capital, technical skills and knowledge of Gurkhas.


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British Gurkha Media Network
Gorkha Sanchar Sahakari Sanstha Ltd
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